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Planar section cut through geometry


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Hi guys,

I'm looking for a technique to render planar section cuts through arbitrary geometry in realtime.

For now, I have tested BABYLON.CSG  but I found it to be perhaps a bit of a overkill for my case, where all I need is a planar cut (also, I suppose it is not intended to be used in realtime, since it is very slow)
I have also used `scene.clipPlane` which is much more efficient but the clip edges are missing.

I have found a technique that uses stencil buffers to retrieve the missing clip edges http://glbook.gamedev.net/GLBOOK/glbook.gamedev.net/moglgp/advclip.html

It seems possible to use stencil buffers with the BABYLON.JS engine (https://doc.babylonjs.com/classes/3.0/engine#setstencilfunction-stencilfunc-rarr-void), but I'm not sure how to use it to solve my issue :/.

Here is my playground: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#UCFKM#23

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On 10/28/2017 at 12:41 AM, Arte said:

Hi @massile and welcome.


Is this what you looking for?

Hi Arte,

I admit that the method listed in my original post can work with StandardMaterial. However, if I would like to work with PBR materials, there is no easy way. I am wondering if it is possible to customize the PBR material classes and Scene (which holds a single clipplane) so that they can work with multiple planes?


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