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Align ArcRotate camera alpha


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I'm having a problem with my camera alignment on the alpha axis.
I would like that when I click on a box my camera is aligned in the axis.
It works on small variation of rotation but if I pass on rotations higher than about 180 ° on my dome my camera makes a complete turn on itself and aligns itself.
Would anyone have a solution to fix the problem.
I probably do not use the good method I put you a playground with my code used:


Thank you!

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Hiya Xav!  OMG, 6 days with no replies?  Sorry.

I looked at your code... it is very cool.  You are very inventive.

I think what we need, here... is... orientCamPerMesh(cam, mesh)  :)

That would make our life easier, huh?  I will keep thinking.  Perhaps others will help.

For future info, do you want camera to z-rotate to match mesh, too?  If so, perhaps good start is to parent (Universal?) camera... to an invisible/blank "camGizmo" mesh. 

Then, don't use camera alpha, beta, at all (not available on universal cam, if used).  Just use camGizmo to do all camera orientations/positioning.

When camGizmo orientation == mesh orientation... success!  (or something explodes and scares the dog)  :) 

I will work on this.  Sorry again for slow replies....I'm on it.

As-for animating cam/gizmo position/orientation to a DIFFERENT mesh-axis...  phew... that seems harrrrrd.  :)  Gods are nearby, though. 

I think we need "Quorbits".  Quarter-orbits... around the mesh (after doing an initial orientCamPerMesh(), of course (after someone codes it). 

Continuous/locked camGizmo.lookAt(mesh.position) might be handy, here, too.  Stay tuned.

Update:  I did some goofing-around with this playground... having some fun trying "meshAddingMode"  :)  [ link ]  Control-drag for ArcCam target-moving.  Many camera adjustments made, added click-on-dome -> re-init cam, added click-on-mesh -> camera.target == picked mesh.   Lots of experimental stuff.   I haven't begun anything difficult, yet.  I think I'm stalling.  :)

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Hello Wingnut thank you for your help.

I simplified the playground:


There are now only two cubes. A blue and a yellow.
When we click on everything works (until everything is fine;).

The problem is that after several clicks in transition the camera makes a complete turn on itself?
The problem would not it that the camera returns an angle of 6.2831853072 rad for 360 ° at a time whereas finally one does only half turn of 3.1415926536 rad for 180 °?

Is there not a tool to normalize the angle of rotation so that it takes the shortest path rather than making a complete turn?

I hope to be clear enough in my explanation because you have to click several times to see the bug and the camera that runs a lot too.

Thank you.

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Hi @RaananW, thx4help!

   I still see a "long animation", under certain circumstances.

Run #8, then pan camera right... past the yellow box, past the blue box again, and then click on yellow.

I see camera alpha animation "unwind".  Anyone else see that?  Probably easier to see with slower animation.  *scratch scratch*

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Ok Xav, Raanan says it's time for helper-bail, so I guess you have all the tools to get the job done.  I have plenty of other stalled user-issues to work-on, so, good luck.  Thx for info/help, Raanan... I think you are correct... Xav has some new knowledge, now.  Me, too.

Give it a good try, Xav.  Holler-back later if you get stuck.

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