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Non consistent behavior of PBR materials


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Dear people of this awesome forum:

Here I am again, looking for some help.

My sw development (of course with BJS) uses PBR materials (we are the greatest fans) .

The case is that this is a cross-browser multi-platform project. My scene looks great on desktop: MS Windows (Firefox and Chrome / I'm not using/testing MS Explorer, Edge nor Opera) and macOSX-Safari. It also looks impressive on iOS-Safari, but fails to be so fine in Android-Chrome as my geometries are all show in black.

I know this is a problem with my code, as the different PBR examples of BJS look perfect in Andorid-Chrome, but,...what a weird one.

Any starting point with this?

Thanks for your time.

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Dear Sebavan:

I've just checked my development changing my dds (generated with the IBLBaker tool) with the one present in BJS PBR example and now the environment is shown on Android-Chrome.

Anyway, how can I attach my own assets to a PG?

Best regards?

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Thanks, Sebavan and RaananW for your support.

Presuming this weird behavior must be due to something in the DDS binary format, I'm contacted the guy in charge of IBLBaker project.

He's guiding us in order to solve the issue. I'll let you know as soon as we know something about it.

Best regards.

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