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skeleton animation for AI


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Hi, I've gone through the stuff on skeleton animations on the babylon docs, virtually all examples involve some form of scene.registerBeforeRender or scene.registerAfterRender stuff. I would like to make an humanoid character, say, pathfind and start walking from A and then stopping automatically at B. So, the usual way to do it in C# or other languages is to have the character be at rest pose at A, blend into walk pose and then blend into rest pose at B with the waypoints given. I found that babylon scene.registerBefore/AfterRender calls will not run when the browser tab is not active. So I could have my AI start walking, tab out and then to tab back after a few minutes to find that it hadn't left Point A yet.

I'm new to animating characters on the web and tried to solve it in the PG (with the dude) but can't seem to animate his position without pausing when browser tab is not active. How should I go about solving this issue ?

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9 hours ago, aWeirdo said:


You're only passing the value of x, not the property :)


Well, of course. Don't stay up for too long, Mr. Raggar!

I just thought using the actual property would be very useful.

Then you could call the function to change position, rotation etc. without having additional check in place in the function itself.

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