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Players at google play store


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Can we talk a bit about getting players. I have really small experience from some time ago with flash games and mochi and with google play now. 

So players tend to download and play certain game types like match three, cards and etc popular and overused puzzles. Even low quality of them get a lot of attention. 

On the other hand any other especially not well known game type is not getting attention even if the game is polished and nice. 

Am I missing something? 

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I'm assuming what you're asking is "How do I acquire and retain players," correct? If so, once you've published your games how are you expecting to get players/downloads. You can begin by having a playable browser version on its own website, from there link to your game's Google play splashpage. You could always apply a small budget to a second or third tier adwords-clone campaign like Bing Ads or Stumbleupon for traffic. Split test everything from there.


Data is key.

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