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Need a platformer


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We wish to build a platform game like súper Mario bros and to be fair this is very similar to many others so maybe if you have another one made you can adapt it to our needs
To begin with, we will have 5 levels and a boss at the end to beat.
The player will have 3 lives to attempt all the levels. As they go through the game they will have the chance to collect coins which increases their score and also they can jump on crates. The crates will be ítems they have to collect to finish the level. When they jump on the create an image will appear on the screen and some audio. Each crate will have a different item, all loaded from a json file (image, audio etc. I can provide the format they will come in).

The player will come across different enemies as they go through the levels. The player has to either jump on the enemy or shoot them. The player will have limited bullets so this will be something else to collect. If the enemy touches them they will die.

To finish a level they must collect all the crates and go through the transporter at the end. If they reach the transporter and they have not collected all the crates they will have to go back to break them.

When they get to the end of the 5th level they will have to fight the end boss.
They will need to hit him a certain amount of times. (to be discussed).
When the end boss is beat the images and audio will display 1 by 1. loaded from the json.

A total score will be collected based on coins and the time it took for them to finish each level. The ranking will be needed to be saved into a var as it will be sent to another page later.

We have all the images ready for the game.

We will also provide the buttons GUI images .

There are 6 enemies (including the end boss ) in this collection so we can introduce a new one for each level.

At the top of the page we will need to display bullets, lives, an icon for the crates. might be best a picture of the crates the a number  over lay 2/8.

Any questions please let me know.

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Dear Managing Person, 
I have seen your requirement and could surely assist you with this at very nominal rates.

Could you please drop me an email on anna.cis23@gmail so I could share the estimate with you.

If you can add me on Skype: cis.am2 that will be good for discussion.

Hoping for a prompt reply.

Warm Regards,
Anna J
Skype : cis.am2
[email protected]

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