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Question about panda2 and webgl


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hi, it's great to see the engine updated and an entirely suit, 99 usd it's a good price for all the stuff.

I'm are an active pandajs user developer, using ver 1.13 I think with a lot off stuff extra  like the updated pixi.js and other kind of things like that.


My question are simple, panda 2 uses webgl rendering or it's full canvas rendering?, is there a real reason, in terms of performance gain, using panda 2 instead of the old one?

when I ask for performance I'm only mean how it's run on mid- end mobile devices.



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The plugin comes with README file that tells you how to install the plugin and also some API notes.
It also includes example project that you can just open with Panda 2, it contains two scenes with some example classes and different WebGL filters.

If you have any issues or questions, just ask and i will help you.

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