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PixiJS plugin

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PixiJS plugin v1.1.0 released.

Update your engine to latest 2.2.0 before using this plugin!

Whole plugin code has been rewritten, so it doesn't overwrite Panda classes anymore. This means that everything should work exactly same as without the plugin, only difference is that it gives you the performance boost of WebGL rendering and also enables WebGL filters.

Small documentation added to website:

Pixi also now works together with Three.js plugin v1.4.0. You can combine 2D and 3D layers in any order you want, and all should still work fast using the same WebGL context.

Please let me know if you find any issues with the plugin.

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@enpupanda2 and the plugin architecture is very impressive and clean work. thank you for making it! 

I'm trying to understand how the PIXI apis layer on top of panda2, did you map the apis between the the panda2/renderer and the PIXI renderer? or is it that they just work together on the same canvas independently, where panda2 renders as a normal 2d canvas, and the PIXI plugin for panda2 allows developers to render PIXI sprites inside the same canvas, but they are independent? .. or, does panda2 renderer api use PIXI under the hood?

from reading the code, my assumption is panda 2's renderer is designed with similar methods so the PIXI renderer can be injected and work almost identically. If so, how do things like drawArc, drawCircle, etc. work interchangeably between PIXI and panda 2's renderer?

it would be nice to see the source of the pixi plugin to understand how these apis layer on top of eachother. For example, the plugin uses Pixi 4.1.1 but Pixi is up to 4.7.0 now, and if it was open source perhaps others could contribute and help maintain the plugin. 

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