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Extruded Shapes with distinguishable faces


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Hi MC!

"distinguishable faces"?  Not real sure what you mean.

Like... mesh.convertToFlatShadedMesh()?


That adds extra vertices and has some other problems.

Some folks use a clone, and then set a wireframe material on the clone.


And BOTH can be done, as wanted.  Hope this helps.

Oh, JohnK beat me to the answer.  :)  Hi John, happy holidays.


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Cool!  Lighting is interesting, when using flat-shading.  Flat-shade a medium-subdivided sphere, and perhaps color it.  With the right combination of directional lights (perhaps 2-4), each slightly different .intensity, you can make each 2-face "facet" on the sphere... be a different color from any other facet. 

I'd start with 2 directional lights.  Although positioning a directionalLight is often not necessary, let's do it anyway.

When not using a ground-plane, set first directional light at position oh... -20, -20, -20.  Then call its handy light.setDirectionToTarget(sphere.position).  Light.intensity = 0.8, perhaps.

Set second directional light at position 20, 20, 20, and call light.setDirectionToTarget(sphere.position).  Light.intensity = 1.2;

How's the many-faceted sphere, look?  Is every square... a different color from any other?  Stupid stuff like this... fascinates simple minds like mine.  :)

Perhaps try it with spotLights.  A command like... spotlight.setDirectionToTarget(orbitingAroundMySceneMesh.position) is pretty fun... when put inside the render loop (using registerBeforeRender).  It reminds me of old wartime ground-based search lights... following warplanes... tracking them across the sky.  See our playground lighting demo... for sin/cos orbit-a-mesh techniques.

Sorry, Wingnut rattling-on, aimlessly.  :)  Hey, I got the snowblowing done... here at my slummy 4-plex!  Hurray.  It's only 0 degrees out there, and breezy.  brrrr.  I dressed in "full spacesuit".  Not much snow, though, so street-plow snowbanks were small and fast.  My snowblower was a bit bitchy... but performed well (I had to coax it into forward gear, after a reversing, sometimes.  Stuff was stiff). 

DONE!  Coffee and doughnuts time!  Party!

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