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The future of HTML5 Games is...bitcoin mining?


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Also, if most websites start running BTC miners, they can stop running Google ads - and then Google will go out of business. Maybe they could have an option, "Hello website visitor, if you want to turn off ads and run a BTC miner instead, click here!" People will pay the websites through their electric bill.  Website owners will be paid through BTC mining groups. It would be really weird if Bitcoin killed Google.

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It wasn't Bitcoin, but another cryptocurrency - Monero. The Pirate Bay published a blog post about the experiment, but not many people saw it. The mining script did run in the background on the website and many people were surprised by that, even angry.

In theory that's an interesting thing to consider and investigate in the future, but currently it's treated more like a scam than a viable option, at least that's what I'm seeing. It must be clearly visible, you should be able to turn it on/off and set how much CPU power it consumes, otherwise it will be treated worse than spam and will be blocked by adblockers, antiviruses etc.

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