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Choose a canvas for GUI.AdvancedDynamicTexture


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How can we choose a canvas to create the GUI?

I have two canvases and if I create an AdvancedDynamicTexture in the first canvas, I can not create one in the second one.

I think that's something missing for BABYLON.GUI

I can choose the scene on the same canvas, but not if we have several canvas.

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No, I'm talking about choosing a canvas to create the GUI, in the case where we have more than one canvas on a page.

The GUI chooses the first available canvas. We can choose the scene but not the canvas.

If I create a GUI in the first canvas, I can not in the second.

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Hi D.  When you say canvas, do you mean renderCanvas?  Each renderCanvas needs separate engine, yes?

So, GUI added with 2nd engine... is put onto 1st canvas? 

If so, strange.  Maybe I don't understand.


Two renderCanvas side-by-side... on same page.  Two engines, two scenes, two <script> elements (perhaps all that stuff is not necessary).

Seven AdvancedDynamicTextures in each scene/canvas.  Wow!   (Not sure why I did that.)  :)  Perhaps only first one is used.

But, I tried to reproduce your issue.  I failed, so far.  This 2-canvas page seems to work properly.

Both scenes in single script?   Not allowed, I think.   See http://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/gui#advanceddynamictexture

"Please note that only one fullscreen mode GUI is allowed per scene"  *shrug*

Thoughts?  Ideas?  Am I misunderstanding?

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Ok, I just understood my problem. I'm really tired at the moment, it's because of a variable that I set to true when I create my GUI on my first scene, and on my second scene, the variable is also true, so the GUI is not creating.

A really stupid mistake. Thank you Wingnut, it woke me to see that it worked at you.

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