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Parallax scroller very much slows down on the phone


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        const width = window.innerWidth;
        const height = window.innerHeight;
        const imgWidth = 3500;
        const imgHeight = 1589;
        const app = new PIXI.Application(
            transparent: true
        const u = new SpriteUtilities(PIXI);
        const bg = u.tilingSprite("./src/bg.png", imgWidth, imgHeight);
        imageScale({imgWidth, imgHeight}, bg);

        function parallaxFn() {
          bg.tilePosition.x -= 5;

        function imageScale({imgWidth, imgHeight}, sprite) {
          const widthRatio = width / imgWidth;
          const heightRation = height / imgHeight;
          sprite.scale.x = widthRatio;
          sprite.scale.y = heightRation;

i use 


And I have (see image file) after one minute, this only on mobile


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TilingSprite uploads transformation matrix to GL uniform. The problem is that the precision of operations with floats on shader-side is low compared to our good old 32-bit floats. The biggest numbers are in matrix, the bigger quantifier of numbers that shader computes - you see this picture above. The fix is to trim the number before it becomes too big.

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