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Atlas animation issue


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Hi @enpu

I'm having a bit of a problem loading an animation from an atlas. Some of the frames seem to play out of order.

This is the code I'm using to load my anim ...

game.createClass('S04Bunny', {
    init: function(x, y) {
        this.anim = game.Animation.fromTextures('s04BunnyA');
        this.anim.position.set(x, y);
        this.anim.speed = 5;

Thanks in advance :)

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I think i found the issue. The native JavaScript's sort function doesn't seem to work as i thought. For example when sorting array with it number 10 comes before number 2, and that's why the animation order is not working properly.

But i found a fix for that and just pushed changes to dev branch. Let me know if it works now!

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