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How to group the mesh animation

syed samoon

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Hi syed.  Did you check docs?


That should help.  (Perhaps not a good document name, eh?  It might get confused with mesh grouping.)

There's ways to do it WITHOUT the animationGroup class, too.


An early-years PG from Wingnut.  Expect mistakes.  :)  Red box1 is master, other boxes are slaves.  Or should we say 'boss' and 'employees'?  ;)

Be well.  Speak-up if you have problems.

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Thanks guys... glad it is helpful. 

Deltakosh and other early pioneers.... shared with me.  http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/20754-questions-about-animatables-animations/

Although out-dated... I once made this all-in-one animation doc:  http://urbanproductions.com/wingy/babylon/misc/wingsBJSanimDoc.html

What a moose.  :)  The original demo is here, also a big fat moose:  https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#HH1U5#59

I'm only about 40% to fully understanding the BJS animation systems.  Many great animation features have been added since my experiments. 

BJS animation systems are "robust" (good & powerful).  My recent SpinTo, MoveTo, ScaleTo, and ColorTo experiments also originated-from this PG series.

In summary, I owe all my feeble knowledge of animations... to others who shared with me.   So, thanks... others/authors!  :)

I'm not sure what CPS stands-for, though, @brianzinn.  Do tell, if you want.  And yeah, I also understand the "ever evolving, never-finished" situation.  :)  It's frustrating and funny all at the same time, eh?

"hideous counters"  hahah.  Been there, done that.  In fact, the spinTo/moveTo thing... REALLY needs an "animation scheduler/sequencer".  I guess... with the animationEvent feature, one master animation... can be the master event scheduler... to sequence anything.  I think Temechon invented animationEvents. 

JcPalmer has done some different things, too.  Mostly over my head, but he has created some exceptionally nice animation sequences... including triggering sounds.  This might be one of his... but he has more, some of which are nearing TV cartoons - quality.  Their URLs can be found via precision forum searches, or by bugging him about them.  :)  Party on.

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CPS is Continuation Passing Style - here is my favourite article for teaching the concept, although you already know what it is - just not the acronym:
As the last comment from DK says "promises are in!"

So, I think we will start seeing what I can get rid of in my project, but I'm waiting for something more official on promises.  Here is a PG that sort of shows how you can manage groups of animations with CPS - not recommended for faint of heart - please no lectures.  It get very hard to understand and read after a while.  I have some much more complex ones unfortunately:
note: doesn't work on v-latest - I think because of the breaking changes to pivot matrix...  cheers.


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