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2D art work for games


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Hi As a HTML5  game developer myself I realise how much time it takes to create graphics for these things(games), So basically I'm starting a site to share any things I create with all developers so they can use them in their games too, royal free. I want to keep my graphics to mostly generic things that other dev's will need.     "Generic" ,  because I realise that dev's aren't gonna want to be sharing the same art style for all their games.

When I create graphics for my own games I know exactly how I need them and how to organise them on my sprite sheets and include them in my games. Can anybody share how they create and intergrate  graphics what thingsI should keep in mind when making graphics for other developers ,DoI need to do special things for graphics that need to be incorperated into engines,  and what type of things would be useful for people when they make games.



Here's some examples of some assets I'm making. If you want to use them in your game you can download them here.








Heres some isometric designs i did too. you can use them too:   download file if you want to use it here .







So basically any ideas you can through my way as to how you think i could present and make graphics for devs better would be appreciated.



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Thanks for the replies, I was planning on doing some medieval warfare stuff. When it's done I'll put it on my web and let you know.  


EDIT***** I've been playing around today and came up with this. Were you thinknig something along these lines? Yeah i like the cartoony look but i think it's really down to giving everything a dark outline. I normally do this as it helps to stop game sprites bleed into the background.


If anybody wants to download and use it here's the link.





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I know this thread is getting old now but if anyone wants them i just did some more graphics. this time it's some guns. There vectors but i've include a png export along with the vecotr, if you want to download them get them here:





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