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Menu state audio issue


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I have an issue with the audio when first start the game in the menu state. The audio doesn't play.  But after I start playing the game from another state and return to the menu state it works fine.  When i test in android phone it doesn't work properly, but when I test emulator it seems to work fine.

I use phonegap to build the app.  Below is the code to my menu state

var menuAudio = null;

var menuState = {
   create: function () {

     this.menuAudio = game.add.audio('cheering');
     this.menuAudio.loop = false;                  
     this.menuAudio.volume = 1;       

     var favButton = this.game.add.button(370,780,"favFolder",this.favMovies,this);

   favMovies: function(){   
      if (this.menuAudio != null) {


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