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Solid Particle Parenting


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Hi Folks,

Here's a SPS new feature : the particle parenting.

Simple to understand : once a particle has a parent, all its rotation, position and pivot are then expressed in the parent particle local space.

Simple to use :

sps.initParticles = function() {
    for (var i = 1; i < sps.nbParticles; i++) {
        // declare each previous particle as the parent of the current one
        sps.particles[i].parentId = i - 1;

sps.updateParticle = function(p) {
    // each particle will rotate for +0.001 in the already rotated parent space
    particle.rotation.z += 0.001;

examples :

the green box is parented to the translating red one, it also rotates around a local pivot http://jerome.bousquie.fr/BJS/test/spsParenting.html

600 boxes, parented per groups (stems) of 10, each rotating around its pivot : http://jerome.bousquie.fr/BJS/test/spsParenting2.html


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