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[Solved] How many vertices can be imported with Babylon.js?


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Hi everyone!

Long time ago, I had some issues importing large models (from Blender) then, with help of this forum I understood that the importer could only work with models until 65K vertices. Now I want to know if this limit is different for new babylon js library and if is there are other important features regarding this.

Thank you all.

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That problem is long gone, except for very old hardware.  If still coming from Blender, there is a switch to still enforce, which is on by default.  BTW, 2 things:

  1. This was an addressing problem,  not a capacity problem.  You still need to keep a lid on this (recommend blender limited dissolve)
  2. Even when using 16-bit indexing, the Blender exporter still worked, it just broke down the mesh into multiples.



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7 hours ago, hit2501 said:

Thank you JC, I would like to know it before. :P

Is there a way to mark your message as answer?

The current solution for marking a thread answered is to edit the first post and add an solved tag or edit the title to "[solved] How many vertices can be imported with Babylon.js?"

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