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A cornell box scene, to serve as testing scene


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You may have notice in the Q&A part of the forum, but I've made a kind of cornell box scene, you just have to do whatever you want with it.

[EDIT] last version: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#J5E230#40

Here an already-made scene in the playground:


I think this can be useful sometimes, to easily have a bit more complex scene in the playground so as to do tests and little demos (for example, to play with probes).

As I'm not a pro-coder, you will probably see some craps in my actual playground scene code, do not hesitate to enhance and correct it ;)

PS: I will later make a doc in github about the workflow for using this scene, especially in the Blender part.


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Thanks! :) Maybe wait a little that I make little tweaks on my lightmaps (better resolution and noise reduction), and tweaking dyn shadows to be more smooth.

And if someone can help me to clean the code, if needed?

Do you think a test-preset scene like that can have its place in the prefab playgrounds? Because it using external lightmaps, and this is inevitable when you want complex lighting in your scene. So having a basic example for artists can be useful (but maybe with a simpliest scene than this one, without colors in materials - except logo - neither in lightmaps, to be more neutral?).



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