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Found 15 results

  1. Hi Everyone. I present my new multiplayer game Flags of the World Quiz (https://flagsquiz.games) There are 6 game types in the game: Multiplayer (speed game with other players); Find the flag; Choose a country; Quiz; 8 flags; Training. You can login by Facebook, and restore your score data on any mobile devices or computers Mobile Versions:
  2. You may have notice in the Q&A part of the forum, but I've made a kind of cornell box scene, you just have to do whatever you want with it. [EDIT] last version: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#J5E230#40 Here an already-made scene in the playground: I think this can be useful sometimes, to easily have a bit more complex scene in the playground so as to do tests and little demos (for example, to play with probes). As I'm not a pro-coder, you will probably see some craps in my actual playground scene code, do not hesitate to enhance and correct it PS: I will later make a doc in github about the workflow for using this scene, especially in the Blender part.
  3. Is there any glTF loader sendbox for to test exported glTF file online. Like Sandbox for .babylon files ? Greetings Ian
  4. Hi everyone! I've been working on my own in the past months on a game, OWN. It is a competitive, multiplayer, real-time, free-to-play and browser-based game developped with Phaser of course. To quickly sum it up, it is kind of a mix between Super smash bros and League of Legends. In 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 you face opponents in a quick deathmatch on a small map. Games are super fast (3-4 min max) so that you can easily choose how much time you want to spend playing. Here is a short video footage of the game (sorry for the poor quality, it's just raw sequences to get an idea) : Even though the game is not quite finished yet, I'd like to increase the number of testers to have more feedback and to test the architecture. So I really do hope some of you will be curious enough to give it a try. If you're interested, please PM me so I will provide you with some registration keys for you and a couple of friends. Hope you guys have a nice day!
  5. Hi, I'm a newbie on Babylon.js and supposed to test and wonder if there is any automation test framework on UI level such as selenium. Our project is more of data visualization, so no user interaction, and not sure I can automate this thing like counting objects on screen... Any input would be helpful for me.
  6. Hi guys, I have more info about the game coming soon but would like to start getting help from more people in terms of testing. I'm looking for any flaws here, errors, game play issues, bugs. Some I am aware of from prior testing and still have yet to figure out and resolve although the game should allow you to play through. The game is a simplistic simulator which allows you to build your own arcade, the walls, the machines, the floors, everything. If you've played prison architect or Rimworld you'll probably see the resemblance which I drew inspiration from. The game is planned to work in any browser and any mobile tablet. Sadly a phone version may just be too far away/complex to achieve. At current the game lets you start the tutorial and then continue to play through on the tutorial level. You can pan the camera with W A S D or by touching the edges. [update] Latest Version here: https://jamdonut.com/prod/0.8/ All feedback appreciated, thanks guys. Jammy
  7. Hello all! I'm currently working on a website that has a Babylon.js scene as it's background, and also includes a game created with Babylon.js. I'm trying to keep the scene as simple as possible - I'm only using planes and their clones - and I'm testing on a 2013 ASUS laptop where I'm getting constant 60FPS. But of course, there are users out there with lower graphics performance, and I'm trying to find a way to test and handle that. In my current setup, I monitor the FPS in the first ten seconds, and if it averages under 45FPS, I call scene.dispose(); and set a cookie so the scene won't be loaded next time. Is there a better way to do this? Thanks in advance! BTW, here a video of the submarine-themed game in progress :
  8. Hey Babylon citizens! How are you guys testing on mobile? Our app crashes on mobile devices. So I was trying to create one of our basic scenes without all our complicated logic and Angular app to be able to test. Here is a link in case you want to look at https://infinite-springs-90987.herokuapp.com/ It works on android but does not on iPhone so far. It just crashes and reload the page, so I can't see the console. Don't know what's really happening. I started up a simulator on my mac - and it works fine on all devices from iPhone 4s and later. So I feels like there is a difference between iOS simulator and real device. Also I've tried browserstack but have not found console output on their real iPhone devices, because they gave me only 10 mins per day free trial And its not working on their cloud iPhones though. I would pay if I can get console output to see what is happening behind the scene.... SO.... How are you guys testing BabylonJS on Mobile? Appreciate your help guys!
  9. Hey guys! Dillon Cate here from the PR team at Hax On, Hax Off. We have a live beta of our new game created during this year's hack.summit() virtual hackathon. We have yet to submit and would love if you could give us feedback! Please take a visit to lucademian.com/hackathon and try out the game with friends, family or even your dog! Thanks!
  10. So I'd like to test my Phaser app on a tablet. Given that I have been testing it on a web browser, I assume device resolution is going to be something to take into account. Can you please let me know what is the fastest way to test my app on a tablet? What should I take into account when I am coding for multiplatforms? Anyone here used Ionic framework? It comes with Cordova and usually the latter converts the HTML5 app to a non-native smartphone/tablet app and handles the responsiveness. So I don't have to worry about device resolutions and whatnot. Is there anything similar for Phaser or I have to do it from scratch?
  11. Hello, Since my game become complicate logic and i am fed up with replay my littel senario to see the change. I have start to implement karma.js/with jasmine on my project. I don't know if it's the way to do ? Because i came from the rails/angular world it look logical to me. So after lauching the test a chrome instance load and the game go to the first state, but it seem that asset load cause some issue. Did someone experiment a full scenario ( aka loading asset and move sprite, test some game logic). If you success you are a hero for me cause it look hard to do :ninja:
  12. I've been just doing some simple tests on my server just to get things running. When I run it in Firefox I'm getting 60fps When I run it in Chrome however I get 24fps. http://mirvini.com/phaser/ Any ideas why my chrome browser would be going slower? I don't experience this problem with other browser games, including other phaser games. The only extension I have active is Adblock, which I disabled for my site Are there any plugins that are known to cause problems?
  13. Hi there, I know I've done this before but could you try my game on your phone(s)? What I'd like to know is how well it scales and how smooth it is. Also just so you know this game is aimed at a young audience so it's relatively easy I'd like to say thank you to anyone who tests it Feedback is much appreciated but not necessary Normal Version: http://clownjuggler.clay.io/ Optimized Version: http://clownjuggleroptimized.clay.io/ List of phones tested on - Normal Version Ipod Touch 4th Gen(Safari, Chrome) - Runs WellGalaxy S3(Chrome) - Runs WellGeeksphone Keon(Firefox OS) - LaggyIpad Air(Ios 7) - Doesn't scale - PixelatediPhone 5(IOS 6) - Runs WellAlcatel One Touch Fire - LaggyList of phones tested on - Optimized Version Ipod Touch 4th Gen(Safari, Chrome) - Runs Well
  14. Hi all! Need to test audio playability on different devices, and if it's not good, I will use Web Audio - as it's supported only by ios 6.0 and later, I need to check OS version first. Here is the link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/196612177/browserTest/ios_Test1.html or shorten one: http://bit.ly/1dfeIfW For that I use: navigator.appVersion,navigator.userAgent,navigator.platformThe most important is platform. Plz, write what your browser on iOS/Android and other mobile devices has for this values and your iOS/Android version. Second test is audio - it's 99% not loaded, so press on 'Try to load sounds' button and then on 'sound1', 'sound2', 'sound3'. Do the sounds can be played?
  15. Can anyone please help test my game in stock browser on android (especially htc m7 one, android 2.3.3, android 4.2.2 ) this is link to my game : http://www.antpixel.com/thebuilder Thanks :-D
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