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Detect "any ground" collision (from bottom)


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Hi !!

I continue to learn this wonderful framework of BabylonJS and program an open source FPS game (should be on Github soon).
I first hesitated between built-in collision system and the cannonjs  physic engine : I tried both and I currently think the physical engine will better suit my needs (rocket jump ! :ph34r::ph34r:). I am already able to move a character, in any direction, first or third camera view, I can jump on objects, but I am facing a new problem....

=> I have to detect ANY ground collision and this task is not so easy as it seems.

Detecting collision with a cube is easy, but detecting collision ONLY from the top of the cube (to end a jump andplay a sound, for example) is more complicated. If I jump, I don't care about wall collision with the cube, I am interested only by the collision when my character collides from bottom.

My character is a simple invisible Box. So I got some ideas :

  • 1) create a second box for my character, a little bit smaller, just to detect collision "from bottom". 
    xxxx      <=== main box, detect wall collision
     -----        <=== thin bottom box of the character, detect ground collision
  • 2) OR change scene objets where I can jump on, with a special "ground type objet" but this solution seems the most awful possible : you are not free anymore to design objects
  • 3) OR change the way collision are detected : for example, if my position.y is decreasing AND THEN my position.y < epsilon, then it means I have collided something. With this solution I don't even need collision event : i create it myself, but it is a little but tricky to code
  • OR ... any idea ?

I will try solution 1 and will share my experience here. If anyone has an advice on this or encountered the same kind of problem plz tell us :) 


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