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How long does the sponsorship/licensing process usually take?


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Hello everybody,

We have contacted several html game portals such as softgames, armorgames, and spil games to sponsor our completed game yesterday, and has not heard back from them yet today.

Does anybody who had some experience with dealing with the publishers have an estimated time frame of how long this whole process take? We are planning to list our games directly on app stores next weekend if we do not hear back from any of them; or should we wait for a bit longer?

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Same here. I'm done reaching out. Some people end up trying to make a deal with me though. I guess as long as I am around, they will find me (or make them find me). I just leave my game(s) site-locked on my website and let anyone pass by and keep making something new.

This isn't my first time doing this. Back in 2014, even when these publishers were hot on HTML5 (news over millions of dollars poured over this potential), 2 of my games still take from a week to a month to reach out, and another month to make a deal just like mazoku said.

Meanwhile I already have my plan B set up just like you. I am about to publish mine to Play Store (but I got stuck with my second game so I'll just focus on that first). Unrelated, but even my second game will be mobile native first, and web second (probably after WebAssembly and WebGL 2.0 is officially, widely available). Right now I'm focusing more on publishing on my own.

Besides, I'm providing non-exclusive licensing so people can still try to make a deal even if the game is already in Play Store. Let's just say Play Store and App Store are actually one of those publishers to reach out.

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