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DirectX Raytracing in babylon


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So, I just got this from the grapevine. And it doesn't seem like (at least from my initial read of the theory) it can't be made for browsers or that babylon can't have DXR support.


Any thoughts ? @Deltakosh @davrous or anyone else ?


PS: Not sure which forum this should go, but I thought since we have microsoft devs working on the babylon engine here...it wouldn't hurt to ask, right ? :)

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The demo you see here is running on a server grade Nvidia box worth $150'000. This piece of gear packs 4 of Nvidia's latest Volta based V100 cards for a total processing power of 1000 TFLOPs!! To put this in perspective, for the money you could buy 50 Titan V cards.


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Do web apps need 100% raytracing capability akin to cgi, HD, 60fps movie quality requirements ? Even if the tech matures in the future, I still don't see overwhelming need for high level of photorealism on mobile devices. Even for online desktops applications in say 2030, a 50-60% performance should be plenty for web developers, no ?

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