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New Class API documentation


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Hello team!

I'm thrilled to announce that the new API doc is online. It is still beta so please report here any issue you may find.

We moved to Typedoc to generate our doc in order to get:

- Better readibility

- Better Typescript support

- More flexibility

You can find it here: http://doc.babylonjs.com/api.html

Have fun reading the doc ;)


PS: We are still looking for more volunteers to help writing API code comments ;)

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2 hours ago, inteja said:

Should line comments end in period or not? In your examples some do, some don't.

Examples were existing and from different authors though you are right and consistency is good. 


2 hours ago, inteja said:

Is it worth suggesting something like the VS Code Document This extension to make things quicker?

Defnitely worth a look. Will give it a go soon. Could make a lot of difference to getting more pages done.

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Had a look at `VS Code Document This` unfortunately I don't think it will be of benefit because:

  1. It only work on one entity ( class, enum etc) at a time;
  2. If there is not a space above the entity section it wipes out part of previous line;
  3. It puts in @words that are not used by the documentation generator;
  4.  You (of course) still have to put in the descriptive comments.
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