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Need some Math Help


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So I am trying to start distorting grass and have it curve naturally per strand then also have wind applied over the whole field.

The thing I am noticing is that it "stretches" the grass which does not give a good look, how can I keep the blades a set length but keep curving them.

Also any ideas on how to do rolling wind?

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Im still not fully happy with it.  I think now that I got this far its time to take a step back and evaluate if this is the correct method for my final goal and also start looking at setting up a new structure that will allow me to do my own LOD functions.  Plus I gotta start figuring out a few lighting methods.

There is also a very deep interest to want to use the GPU to generate a series of maps like elevation, ground density, ground water, daily shadow/heat map,  species growth maps, etc.  Then generate the grass and vegetation from that information.  Its a lot of work still just to do for fun in between real responsibilities.

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