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Bugs animations Rotation Blender in BabylonJS


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Hi everyone,

I have a new problem.

My scene is finished and I need to animate several meshes.

When I use "Location" animation, always is good but if I use a "Rotation" animation, all objects animated become wrong. Here an example with screen shots :

Cas 1. Start animation rotation of plan mesh (in background of the scene, selected in Blender in orange) :


Cas 2. first rotation like we open a door :


Cas 3. back to origin position :


cas 4 : after export, many problems and same render like here in babylonJS :


You can see all meshes animated are offset or anything else ... What I'm doing wrong please ?

Thanks !


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@Zino54220 : Some suggestions following similar experiences I encountered where objects jump after export, I think I solved it by:

Apply the scale of the offending objects: Ctrl + A, Scale (always the first thing I'd try)

I guess this door is parented? If so, try unparenting it. If it's not parented, then parent it... best to try both - just in case.

If after trying the above and it still not working, you can create a new scene (in a new file) and appending: File > Append all the objects from the old scene.

PS. And as per above post, make sure animation name is ObjectName-Action.


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Thank you very much for your answers.

I found the solution after trying your methods.

First, I have rename the vertex groups like this : "objetc_Data".

Then, just go to the "Animation" tab, click on "calculate" below "Motion path" which then becomes "update", click on "bake action" and leave the default setting. We can see that after the manipulation, several "Key Frames" are automatically created on the animated objects.

After that, you will have the right animations for the rotations and no impact on the other objects already animated.


I hope however that these added "Key frames" won't make the scene too heavy because I had already made a topic about display performance issues when I first loaded the scene once deployed on Azure.

Thank you all once again ! :)



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