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Blender Exporter doc needs feedback

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Hi Blender users!

We have to enhance the doc about how to get things from Blender to BJS.

Here the existing one: http://doc.babylonjs.com/resources/blender

and also some tips: http://doc.babylonjs.com/resources/blender_tips

Github issue can be found here: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Documentation/issues/556

You can use github or this forum to suggest some missing parts, and you can, of course, suggest direclty here content to "copy-paste" :) If you prepare screenshots, please use the default Blender theme "Flatty light".

If you want to see the advancement, here is my doc' fork.


Nota Bene:

(I put here a list which will be updated to easily retrieve some tips/methods/asking)


todo list canceled for now:

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Heya V!  Cool project!  We could use all the Blender-to-BJS docs/info we can get, for sure.

Gryff's last login was October 17, 2017.  I think he is tied-up with some real-life issues... so he went forum-sleepy.

To GUESS at your question, I would say xyz Euler is the #1 type... with its values stored in mesh.rotation.

Quaternion is #2, with its values stored in mesh.rotationQuaternion.

BJS animation system handles both types... nicely. 

This is all my opinion, based-upon SOME experience... but not very much.  So, stay tuned for wiser comments.

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A little more refinement about animation rotation.  It simply does not matter for armature animation, since the animation itself IS NOT exported, the performance is.  As the export performs the animation, it is reading / converting the Matrices, which are quaternion based.  So for armatures, whatever works in Blender.

For Meshes, lights, & cameras:  the two @Wingnut lists are the ones.  Quaternion is not susceptible to gimbal  lock, but NOT very easy to work with if you are also coding stuff on the BJS side too.

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5 hours ago, V!nc3r said:

To note for the future: Blender 2.8 now have Blender Render officilally deleted :)

More accurately, all 3 former renders (internal, game, & cycles) have been replace with EEVEE.  Latest builds.  Looks like a modified Cycles.

Loading prior blends, geometry comes thru, internal render materials com thru mostly stripped.

The exporter (TOB actually) loads, but errors way before it even gets to materials.  The JSON exporter would do the same.  Seems a little early, but did make some bookmarks in the API concerning that uber material / Principled bsdf.

While I have direct commit on the exporters repo, I am not comfortable on adding branches.  @Deltakosh, can you add a EEVEE branch (no hurry)?

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Thanks :) For now it's just the very first step, I will enhance this part as soon as can. However, if Blender users can already read this animation part and tell me if it's clear or already need tweaking?

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