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Babyblon and Blender anim issue


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Hello everyone :)

After a long time  i am back :D  and with something for you maybe a banal issue but for me it's a nightmare :( .

I am trying to make little adventure game and I have issue with my charakter.babylon... when i import him to the game without skeleton everything is ok but with skeleton is wrong everything, like some parts of his clothes is missing... the console is showing me endless error lines etc.  I am struggling with this 1/2 weeks . I  tried everything like remake my charakter.babylon and skeleton ....I treid google, youtube ... ect. Can you guys help me ?

... sorry for my bad english .


I added a photo and a blende file :)  



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The warnings alone are not enough without the whole log file.  The camera warning is not important, but the other 2 suggest your mesh needs TLC.  You being a newbie did not make this, right?  Fixing peoples stuff they got off the internet is not something I do.

Assuming you did nothing, you have 1500 vertices exceeding 8 influencers.  This is a lot, & probably the reason .  When people put stuff on Blendswap & other sites, they sometimes tend to massively over smooth resulting in way too many vertices, poorly polish armature weights, & make huge texture files.  If the stuff goes through, it consumes massive webgl resources.  FYI, if your skeleton has more than 60 bones, you are in trouble in webgl.

Your faces with no area, can probably be cleaned up by removing duplicate vertices, in edit mode.  You really need to invest in some time on YouTube learning more about Blender, to be honest.  For your problem concentrate on weight painting, or possibly just delete the armature modifier on the mesh, then re-parent the mesh to the armature / selecting automatic weights & see what exports.

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