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big machine animation questions


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I would like to animate a big machine and I have got some questions.

The machine has got some rigid bodies (like a robot) and each other have some kinematic relations. rotation/translation ....depending on the physic axis

Can I load the whole scene in blender and then export it to a babylon file or is it better to load each mesh as single components in a js file scene ? . 

Or any other way ? at moment, the machine comtains almost 10  meshes ,that are almost 1 to 2Mbytes stl ascii files each. 

Once the machine is loaded, there will be animation.

The position values of each meshes are computed by a cnc post  processor and the positions are available in an array for each ms. 

I don't know exactly how I will share these values to the babylon js model at the moment . any idea ?

Regarding the vision of this project,  I would need some advices on the way to implement it right in babylonjs .

To give you a better overview of what I want ot achieve , here is a video of my actual project :







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Hi guys.  I want to show Steph this goofy "SpinTo, MoveTo, ScaleTo" thing.


It's weird.  It uses "overloaded" little animators on all mesh (lines 2-50) and then uses a really poor "event sequencer" (lines 150-166).

This is ONE way of keeping things separate.  Your server can call anymesh.spin() or anymesh.moveTo() or whatever... anytime it wishes.

THIS demo really needs a "scheduler".   But if your server is doing the animation start-event sequencing, maybe some of those little animation funcs... might be handy for you.

That video/machine looks cooooool.  CNC machine or something similar?  I had a relationship with a girl... one time... that had similar radical twists/bends.  :o  Ow.

 #69 is fun, too. 

No, no, not THAT kind of 69.  I'm talking about PLAYGROUND 69

Oh geez, no, NOT THAT KIND of playground 69!   Yikes!   I better shut-up, now.  :D 

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Thanks for all your replies. yes, it is a cnc.

things will be separated. I am loading the meshes from localhost, I did a quick try , not really complicated till there

But if I can put it on web ....that will be nice. I am using obj files, I may switch to glTf  , that seems better for web usage.

Now, I have to animate it :

At the moment, I have a compressed array of the positions depending on the time in a C program .Compression means I store only changes.

I don't know if I should use a database and poll positions from it ? or use a fast kind of array or provide them through a json rpc.Use a websocket ?

In the original C program  I was working with array chunks of 1000 data.

This means I will need a kind of scheduler too ...In the mean time, I should be able to scroll the whole cycle time using a scrollbar .




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