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An old question: Which 2D Physics JS Engine is with better performance in 2018 ?


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I know there are some discussions about this topic.

But they are  outdated & too old.

Now it's 2018 , and some physics engines have been updated , and there are some new engines.


So , let's talk it again.

Which 2D Physics JS Engine is with better performance in 2018 ?



box2d.js with liquid



or someone else ? 

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10 hours ago, GideonSam said:

Matter js for me

There is a test I created:


( NOTICE: There are many different box2d.js projects , I chose https://github.com/flyover/box2d.js (& ts ),
Because it includes Google's LiquidFun , I like this feature.)


Matter.js is the  worst , both performance & correctness


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I agree that box2d.ts worked pretty well, but when I tested it, the ranking was box2d.ts, matter.js, p2.js, and plank.js, which had like 8 frames per second. (I can't deal with constructors though, so box2d.ts is out of the picture.) Thanks for the test though, I was going to choose plank.js.

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I'd take benches with a pinch of salt, I tried this on my newer Macbook and got generally worse FPS than the ones mentioned on the page. For me, both box and p2 had similar fps, 40-50 (box slightly higher), planck was 10-20, matter reported 30-60 (yes, a wide range) but looked about the same as planck, both box and p2 looked super smooth. p2 was the only one that regularly 'glitched' 1-2 boxes into the circles.

Perf is only part of the overall pie though, and probably not a huge percentage of it.

For anyone starting a new project and needing some physics chops, take a look at the api, sample code, community and run a few of your own tests (as close as possible to what you're building) before jumping to conclusions.

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