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Particle System Source Library


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Yo @Deltakosh and @Sebavan and @Wingnut Got a question about a source for particle systems ?

Is there some kind of particle system source library somewhere (kinda of like hdrlibs expect for particle system values).

How dow i create particle systems like Smoke and Fire, And Lightning Strikes and Laser Beams and stuff like that. I cant see how you would know

values to use for the particles system (emit, capacity, texture mask, etc...) to achieve things like Fire and Smoke Etc...



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3 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

I see where you going with this, but my question is, how do we COME UP with those values. Is there some kind of CHART or anything that says to make "Smoke" you need these type and values etc... I just dont understand how SOMEONE came up with those values. What if i need to make a Laser beam, how would i know what kind of values i need. Hmmm :(



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