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I downloaded the latest blender exporter for Babylon (currently 5.6.2), but I noticed that when I try to export there are no options for the exporter. See here:


I tried with blender versions 2.79 and 2.80, and while the exporter does work in 2.79 I can only export with the default options. I've always hated Python so I'm not clear exactly what's happening, but I did notice that if I combine the contents of the JsonMain and ExportSettingsPanel classes I do see the options panel as intended. Does anyone know what's going wrong here?

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While one person has said this was a 'stupid place nobody goes to', the exporter options are displayed on the scene properties tab.  That person are wrong.

The advantage of locating it there is to be able to store your settings in the blend file without exporting it, so as you change things all your settings are preserved.  You might have tried to find just how little precision was required to get the smallest .babylon without compromising display.  3 months later when you need to tweak the geometry, the precision values are saved.

It is possible to save things from the place where exporters display by default, but you have to both export then Save.  You might not want to save AFTER you just exported.  Pro tip:  If you merge meshes which have shape keys of the same name, those keys are also merged.  In the case of MakeHuman, different parts of the face (body, teeth, tongue, eye, eye brows, & eye lashes) are all separate meshes.  Being separate in the .blend file can be desirable for work flow, but merged on export makes life so much easier in BJS.  Not a problem when the export controls are saved separate from the export itself.

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Your argument makes sense, but it's in opposition to how every other Blender exporter in existence works so it might help to be very explicit about that in the documentation here: http://doc.babylonjs.com/resources/blender

Rereading it now knowing where to find the settings I understand how it's written, but it wasn't clear to me that the settings are part of the panels where the equivalent settings are explained. Regardless thank you for your work and your answer!

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We have not in general had a problem of people with Blender experience coming to BJS.  BJS is bringing people to Blender.  What might be better than documentation in this instance, is to just have a couple labels in the standard location pointing to the spot.  Maybe:

See Scene Properties
For Savable Exporter

This should easily cover Blender people going to BJS.

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