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Hi enpu,

This week i discovered Panda.js and it is really a great engine!

I consider myself an experienced impactJS programmer. Over the past few month I got more and more frustrated by some intrinsic limits of impactJS. But then I found panda...

panda.js has all the great features that ImpactJS has (e.g. Modular, class based) and is goes much further from there: it has automatic scaling (a very annoying restiction in impactjs) and it even supports the awesome spine animation toolkit! In my opinion Panda.js is better organized and I see that you already developed several plugins that I had to do in Impact myself because it wasn't available yet.

panda.js is a relative young engine and I think it has the potential to become equally or even more popular the phaser.

Keep up the good work!

Stephan :)

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I'm new in html5 game development. But I consider Panda.js a really good framework to start this adventure and, why not, continue with great games.


I'm creating a simple game for iOS, using Phonegap as wrapper. I'm near the end of development, I'm talking with my friend (a designer) to optimize and create the final models and assets.


Great work with Panda.js, enpu.

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Hello.. i am new to panda js  , it looks amazing and i would like to make a game with it already.. just to ask, is there a way that i can calculate sound frequency with the current sound module? i have looked at the documentation and it seems like there isn't yet...  or is there?.. :))

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Hi :)

I'm new to PandaJS (yes, another PandaJS's noob)


I've read some posts around and looks like a version 2.0 should come soon and using it is safe for productions:


  • Are these page links updated?
  • What is the differences from the cheatsheet and the fiddler?
  • Where is a comparison page between version 1 and version 2?
  • Where is the version 2's API?
  • Some plugins are not working with version 2 (threeJS, Multiplayer, ...)
  • Is there a roadmap?

I would like to use PandaJS for creating another cool project to be added in gamedesigner.ch.

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Enpu has not been active for a few months, and so is the development of Panda.

You may know that I've been developing a new framework called LesserPanda which branches from it and under heavy development recently, you can come and help. Next thing I want to do to LesserPanda is to create factory methods for object (sprite, graphics, physics body etc), to make it easier to use. If you are interested, send me messages and let's talk.

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Hey there, I saw your post about LesserPanda looks really interesting!

True TileMap support among a better Camera and new classes look great for evolving Panda.

Initially I started in PIXI but the cryptic syntax kept me away, especially in the Interaction of Objects.
What I like about Panda is, yes slightly more typing but it is far clearer to spot inheritance.

e.g. game.createClass('Panda', {                 // Instead of .button{
    init: function(img, ancX, ancY) {              // confusing to know where to call from etc

Do you agree, Sean?

I'd love to help with any new classes or methods

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Agree. In LesserPanda, I just expose PIXI to developers but recently just figure out the PIXI API is not convinent at all (kinda scholasticism). I like how simple and clear Panda used to be.

There're differences between Panda and LesserPanda now, the biggest might be ES6 vs ES5. I am still trying hard to find a better solution. There's a new render engine called Fae under heavy development which has ECS built-in. I think it may be time to create a simple graphic module, as an abstraction that can easily switch to Fae when it's ready.

BTW. I have a Unity/Construct2 like component system called behavior, while using ECS for lower level systems like timer. I'd like to improve these lower level modules by using Fae built-in system. So developers can pick whatever way (OO, ECS, Unity like ECS) they like for their games.

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