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Sprite Atlas with texture & bug in the Spine Plugin


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Yes, I think there is a problem with atlas from spine and atlas for the game engine, if I export the sprite atlas using the "Spine option" from texturepacker, the atlas file can be loaded (thought I do not know how to use it) at least it does not crash, but if I export using the "panda2 option" from texturepacker it does freeze at the initial loading, can you please kindly advise how to fix this ?    

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Also I found a bug in the Spine plugin, when there is a change in the attachment for a slot, the plugin will create a new object and not replace the old one, if you play the attached file to reproduce the issue, there is 1 animation idle_1 for the dragon , you need to turn the debugger panel on and you will see wings are created all the time, eventually it will reach hundreds of draw calls and frame rate will drop.


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  • ftguy2018 changed the title to Sprite Atlas with texture & bug in the Spine Plugin

Hello, any chance to have this Spine bug / Atlas reviewed ? Not being able to make atlas is not a so big issue thought I am always looking for best performances and memory footprint but spine plugin not working properly is holding our project. Please kindly advise.

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  • 8 months later...

It appears that the bug hasn't been fully resolved. When I import a a 'normal' .atlas file (exported with Texture Packer, Panda 2 settings)  in addition to the spine atlas, I receive the following error:

spine.js:6610 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'responseText' of undefined
    at Class.parseAtlas (spine.js:6610)
    at core.js:955
    at Class._loadCallback (loader.js:200)
    at Class._onload (texture.js:87)
    at HTMLImageElement.<anonymous> (core.js:955)


Steps to reproduce te problem:

  • download the current spine plugin + demo project (plugin v.1.3.3).
  • add the attached .atlas file to the project (test.atlas + texture pack with a single image: test.png.a199a632809e078acc29e9eacbd91ea8.png )
  • import the .atlas file the usual way with:


Any help would be appreciated. 


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