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Is Solo game developers earn for living


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10 hours ago, arun said:

Hi friends, I am a new 2d  game developer. I want to make my own project and earn enough money from living is it possible? please hep me. 

Imo ... Yes, it is "possible" and many awesome gamedevs manage it.  But the question might be better posed as "is it probable"?  And the answer to that depends on the plan, the ability to execute it, and a pinch of good fortune.  Being solo may involve more entrepreneurship and salesmanship than game development - does that appeal?  Plus: the game market is over supplied, most games are offered for free, why does the world care about another game?  Harsh even in a team, brutal as a solo.  Still interested?

If making-a-living-from-gamedev is the primary goal it may be worth putting own-projects on hold, and securing gainful employment in the gamedev industry (or supporting digital creative services) as a first step.  Doing that will often require exemplary talent, and demonstrable portfolio ... and there's few better ways to gain both than to build solo projects.  Contradiction!?!  Not if those projects are solely for skill development - think learning, not income - then enhance that foundation on someone else's payroll until its time to fly.

To recap: either take a massive chance and risk lonely economic failure, or gain value incrementally while doing supporting things for income.  Whichever route is chosen, all efforts must assist the end goal.

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