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Think @gryff would approve, were he still coming here.  This would get a quarter of the of the question out of the Q & A section.  Thought about reassigning existing topics till you got tired?

I do not actually know what 'sbu' or 'DCC' stands for.  The name could be better.  I am half thinking subs under that: Blender, Maya, 3dmax, & General Loading might be good.  Very few people use more than one.  The closer highly related questions are, the better.  If not, at least have a pinned topic, saying to tag gives options to further separate in the future.

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7 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

So all questions regarding blender, maya, 3dmax and so on could be located there.

SketchPad, too?


Model format conversions?

Import/export issues?

When we poke our nose OUTSIDE-of BJS, the world looks rather large and difficult to wrangle (not many local experts/teachers available for modeling apps).

Still, this branching is probably a good idea.  It will be interesting to watch the topic-accuracy, and the reply times/counts/quality.

Perhaps a note about "the border" is wise.  Maybe something that says...

"We are NOT a Blender/modeller help forum, but we ARE Blender/modeller export-to-BJS helpers"

Not sure how to play that.  Borders.

Are we, unwittingly, raking these questions into an easier-to-ignore pile?  ;)  *shrug*

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