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Hi @enpu / Panda People

I've been thinking about a project I would eventually like to start, that would only be available on Steam / X-Box One and possibly other consoles that allow 'wrapped' HTML5.

I've noticed that the achievements and collectible cards etc are a big thing with Steam games.

Is Panda a viable option for a project like this? Would I need some sort of plugin to unlock Steam achievents etc.

Would the X-Box performance using Panda be decent? (I don't have one to test on yet).

Any thoughts would be awesome!

Thank you!




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This is an interesting topic, and I have searched myself for information about HTML5 games on Steam.

You can create a PC, Mac or Linux executable from HTML5 game, but for achievements etc. you need to integrate Steam SDK which is basically a C++ library. Guys who made Game Dev Tycoon made a node.js addon, to expose Steamworks API for Javascript and node.js

And there are various (quite impressive) games published on steam using this library:

For X-Box One you use the HTML5 to UWP wrapper, which is a different beast. Guides on how this could be done can be found on Microsoft pages. Microsoft encourages to make UWP apps and games with HTML5 technologies. 

It would be probably a lot of work to make export with these technologies straight from Panda2 easy. @enpu would have to decide if it is worth it. It would make Panda 2 very versatile - no question.

Anyway. For the moment I think that if the main target for my game would be Steam or game consoles I would use a different framework/engine (Monogame perhaps, or Love2D - which is an absolute pleasure to work with -  if Steam only). The performance would be better and integration would be probably much easier.



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Hi @pstrejczek

Thank you very much for the awesome links! I really appreciate you taking your time to do that :)

Ultimately I would love Panda to be a one stop shop, but at the same time - I don't really want to mess with low level implementation (for achievements etc.)

I would be interested what @enpu thinks about this, and whether something like a Steamworks plugin / XBox export made easier could be added to the roadmap, or if its even viable.

Thanks again!

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