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Center Polygon


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Hi @enpu / Panda People

I'm trying to draw a triangle and set it's anchor to the center. Something is however not working right and the anchor is off.

I have a feeling it's to do with having to draw the polygon (triangle) at 0,0 coordinates first, and then set it's position later.

I'm a little confused on how to draw it correctly ...

game.createClass('ShapeTriangle', {

    init: function(x, y, width, height, rot, color) {
        this.spriteFill = new game.Graphics();
        this.spriteFill.fillColor = color;
        this.spriteFill.drawPolygon([0, 0, width, 0, width/2, -height, 0, 0]);
        this.spriteFill.position.set(x, y);
        this.spriteFill.rotation = rot * Math.PI;

Thanks heaps in advance for any tips :)

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You're right. There might be some inconsistency in the engine here. 

var box = new game.Graphics();
box.drawRect(0, 0, 100, 100);

That draws the Rect at 0,0,100,100, then centers it 

Where as for circles:

var circle = new game.Graphics();
circle.fillColor = '#ff0000';
circle.drawCircle(0,0,50); //x,y, radius)

Circles are already drawn as being 'centered', so calling anchorCenter will actually offset the Circle so that it's no longer correctly centered. (just a little FYI)

drawPolygon anchorCenter just doesn't work. This is because in graphics.js._getBounds() function just doesn't cater for it. getBounds checks for x/y coodinates, width/height values, and/or radius. Circles have a Radius, and x,y coodinates so they will return something.

Rectangles don't have a radius, but they are instantiated with a width/height, so they return o.k.  Polygons don't have any of these.(no x,y,width or height attributes)

Possible solution: Polygon's have x,y,height,width, and these values are derived from the points that are passed in? E.g. width could be the difference between the left-most x coordinates and the right-most coordinates. Same for height with the y-axis.

The other option is just to have _getBounds() check if this is a Polygon shape, and if it is, do the Math on the Point list to find the various correct values, etc.

 _getBounds: function() {
        var wt = this._worldTransform;
        var a = wt.a;
        var b = wt.b;
        var c = wt.c;
        var d = wt.d;
        var tx = wt.tx;
        var ty = wt.ty;
        var width = 0;
        var height = 0;

        for (var i = 0; i < this.shapes.length; i++) {
            var data = this.shapes[i];
            var sx = data.shape.x;
            var sy = data.shape.y;

            if (data.shape.radius) {
                sx += data.shape.radius / game.scale;
                sy += data.shape.radius / game.scale;
            else {
                sx += data.shape.width / game.scale;
                sy += data.shape.height / game.scale;

            width = Math.max(width, sx);
            height = Math.max(height, sy);

        var x2 = a * width + tx;
        var y2 = b * width + ty;
        var x3 = a * width + c * height + tx;
        var y3 = d * height + b * width + ty;
        var x4 = c * height + tx;
        var y4 = d * height + ty;

        var minX = Math.min(tx, x2, x3, x4);
        var minY = Math.min(ty, y2, y3, y4);
        var maxX = Math.max(tx, x2, x3, x4);
        var maxY = Math.max(ty, y2, y3, y4);

        this._worldBounds.x = minX;
        this._worldBounds.y = minY;
        this._worldBounds.width = maxX - minX;
        this._worldBounds.height = maxY - minY;
        return this._worldBounds;

(current code for getBounds shown for reference. No solution coded inside)

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Oh, right, my bad. that's because you're drawing the picture from 0,0, to width, negative(-)height.

Either draw the triangle with it with 0,0, width, height being the top left of the 'picture'. E.g.

this.spriteFill.drawPolygon([0, height, width, height, width/2, 0],true);


Alternatively, change the anchor to be center of the picture. Which would be:



(But it's more typical to draw the picture in a 0,0, width, height box, then center/position it from there.)

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