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Two cameras on same screen, scene above another


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:) Cool, S! 


There's a 5-viewport demo.  Believe it or not, the 2 blue lines are also cams/viewports.  The "divider line cams" are aimed at a blue plane... positioned far away from the scene.  You can pan the camera around and see the blue plane... far away... out on the lonesome prairie.  :)

Yeah, I know.  Using a short, wide (or tall, narrow) viewport to make a blue divider line... seems pretty dumb... but I think it's cool.

A fullscreen AdvancedDynamicTexture with an added short, wide rectangle control... could also do it, me thinks.  That option wasn't yet invented... when I built this tri-viewport demo long ago.  :)

Someday, maybe we'll see dock-able and float-able viewports... create/delete anytime while playing... drag from floating to docking, or vise versa... using gutters and layoutManagers.  Erf.  HARD!

Robert Ginda (a hero of mine) built the GUI for Mozilla extensions... Venkman (JS Debugger) and Chatzilla (IRC client)... with XUL/JS... long long ago.  He built an "MDI form"-like layoutManager that allowed docking/floating views and arrange-it-yourself drag-drop gutters and stuff.  It even saved that view-layout in prefs.  Beautiful.

Erf again!  I studied it for awhile... got a brain tumor... and ran away to a cabin in the woods for 2 years... to recover.  :D

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