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Few shadow and transparent shadow


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Please show direction in this problem:


We have transparent plane and not transparent cube. In real shadows must be look like in attached picture.
How we can get it?

I trying:
1. find in forum ))
2. use two ShadowGenerator for one light (ha-ha) )
3. use two identical lights and two ShadowGenerator for every light with one shadow reciever

but I did not succeed (

How we can dispose this barrier?

in ideas - use two light, shadowGen's, reciever's and mix computed texture from one recievers for other. But i think its wrong wrong and long decission ))
i feel: must be simple right way!! ))

Thank you for any ideas!


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20 minutes ago, NasimiAsl said:

nothing to shame and please keep this in forum because that is so useful 

and this can make a issue ( why we cant make 2 different shadow generator with one light? )

yes, few shadowgens for one light will be useful. Separate settings for generators with different shadowcasters. 
As sample - we can emulate transparent shadow (more light shadow) for some objects without real transparency.
But... we can use 2 similar or clone light - it can be made simple )

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