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importing an external JS file


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Why not separate that code into class/classes in Panda2 instead of copy pasting to the main file? This would keep the code maintainable and should still result in single game.min.js  

If it is some kind of library that is reusable it's better to pack it into a plugin - it seems to be quite simple.


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On 11/3/2018 at 6:04 PM, enpu said:

Just create new module and copy paste the content of the JS file into it.

@enpu  I am sorry maybe it is a very simple question but I am not so familiar with the module concept

So let's say if I wanted to add that secure-ls  JS file into a module so it can be called from the game and could access the new secure-ls class and export it in the main game.min




Where should I copy paste the code, into the file ? anywhere before the module keyword ? into the class , before the body function ? can you please shine some light ? And once again sorry if that question is maybe simple just I want to be sure to do it right.


Thank you,


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