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How to change background color


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Thanks for quick response. Is there an other way then to access canvas context in phaser3? For example I used  Game.resize() method to resize the canvas, but dont find how to change other parameters (like background color I mentionned above). Where to search in Phaser API / any examples ?

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This is link of git for change background:

https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser-examples/blob/master/examples/display/game background color.


function create() {

    //  You can set the background color of your game in the following ways:

    game.stage.backgroundColor = "#4488AA";
    // game.stage.backgroundColor = 0x4488aa;
    // game.stage.backgroundColor = 'rgb(68, 136, 170)';
    // game.stage.backgroundColor = 'rgba(68, 136, 170, 0.5)';

    game.add.image(game.world.centerX, game.world.centerY, 'hotdog').anchor.set(0.5);

    //  Click for a new background color
    game.input.onDown.add(changeColor, this);



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