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I want to ask some usage about pixiplayground?


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I saw the playground on Pixi at https://github.com/ivanpopelyshev/playground.

I have learned that he is using typescript language and running on nodejs. Since I am not familiar with ts and nodejs, I can only access it through http://localhost:8080 after npm dev startup. Now I want to put him. Deployed to the web server on my window so that he can access it on the public network. May I do this?

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npm contains all the dependencies needed to build and run locally. To run on the server in "production" mode there is a lot more involved (MySQL and CloudFlare integration for example). I have automated scripts for setting up a server, but you still need to build them yourself and make all the configuration.

Why are you trying to publish a separate version of the playground app? If you are trying to share a playground with someone, just make it and save it on the live site: https://www.pixiplayground.com/#/edit

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@xerverThank you xerver, your answer has made me understand more, can you tell me how to build your configuration (MySQL and CloudFlare integration for example) on the windows server 2012 WEB server? My original intention was to build a non-English pixiplayground that would allow him to be compatible with more languages and be used and developed by developers from non-English speaking countries!

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Then you should make those changes and PR them to the main repo, not deploy a separate parallel instance. I'd love to integrate the ability to handle l10n!

Setting up and running your own instance is not something you need to do, especially if your not familiar with managing deployments like this.


If you insist:

Everything you would need to know about setting up a server to run the app on is here: https://github.com/englercj/playground/blob/9267471c869d1610339e8c7a175d322453b69dbd/server/droplet-setup.sh

Environment configuration and how that gets setup is here: https://github.com/englercj/playground/blob/9267471c869d1610339e8c7a175d322453b69dbd/server/src/config.ts

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