Tipsytower3d template and Canon examples fails after updating engine

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So if I download the most current Tipsytower3d template and the Canon plugin, both work initially. Once I update the engine to current, version 2.12.0, and then hit reload game, neither seem to work correctly. They both still spawn boxes but gravity no longer works and the boxes just hang up top. Any idea what could be going wrong there?

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@enpu Is it just me, or is the RPG template failing now also, once updated? It looks a bit like this for me: No tilemap loaded. I'm on Panda 2.12.0.

 Don't really have time to debug this, atm, but if someone confirms it's the same for them, I can start to look.



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Ugh, and I even read the topic about that bug. Yep, that did the trick, cheers!

I did update, but it was the auto-update (when opening a project, Panda Editor suggests I update). I guess that one isn't Dev by update. I manually clicked update, and all is well now.


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