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My Game removed from Google Play


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I have a logic game made by C2, Inkscape, and the apk made by Cocoon.io  "Smart Numbers" It's a clone of known 2048 game (with some changes) and it was on a Google Play for a long time. Yesterday I get mail from GP and they told me that after a recent review the game has been removed from GP market, due to a policy violation.  One (or maybe only one) of the reasons is the app's full description mentions other apps: 2048. And it's right, my fault, I just wrote on description that the game is variation of 2048. But there is a tons of 2048 clones games, that even not hide it and have 2048 in description and even title , and even from biggest companies like Ketchapp etc.... If you type 2048 in GP search you will find a plenty of these clones.... So why they decide to remove exactly my game????
:(I really sad about it, the main dilemma is what to do, remove the mention 2048 from description and resubmit, or mail to their policy support team and ask about all this issue.

Guys If you have some experience with this kind of issues or some thoughts I will glad to hear ?



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In my honest opinion I think you should not ask us, but Google. I understand your frustrations and I too need to admit I don't really can make head nor tails from what they sent either but they do. So my suggestion is to first read that article about the Metadata you can access by clicking the link in step 1 below the heading "Next steps". If that does not make sense to you, you should send them an email about clarification.

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The core issue is that clones often don't make as much money as the "genuine" article (but do provide equivalent utility to the customer).  So it's in a distributor's interest to cull their numbers periodically.  Such culling is usually programmatic, it's not personal.


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