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pointerover On the mobile side


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Thank you, this is a drag connection, the original mouse enters the phone to determine whether to connect, but the pointerover mobile is invalid, I get the local coordinates through e.data.getLocalPosition when pointermove
To judge whether to enter the phone, maybe this is not the best solution.
Nice day


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You need to choose your words carefully, "the original mouse enters the phone to determine whether to connect" doesn't mean much because:

1. there's no mouse to use on a phone

2. "the mouse enters the phone" doesn't mean anything to us. It might be very clear for you but it really means nothing for us.

3. "to determine whether to connect". Again, this might be very obvious for you but it really doesn't mean anything for anyone who doesn't know what your app is supposed to do. 


As Ivan said it first, telepathy doesn't work here, we don't know what you are talking about because we don't know what your app does.

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In the color doll pointerdown, then pointermove, when the pointerover phone Sprite, confirm the connection, there is no pointerover on the mobile side, I would like to know if there is a better alternative method, I am deeply sorry, maybe my expression is not clear, maybe it is my Google Translation does not work accurately, thank you for your patience.

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pointerover (and similar events) work on mobile when the finger is down, but you must opt into that behavior. For example, once `pointerdown` fires, if you move your finger, you can use `pointerover` as it moves onto different elements.

See here for details:


Here is a demo that works on mobile (drag with your finger starting on the cell on which the cube is):


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