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loading series of base64 images with PIXI.loader


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We are trying to load a series of data-URI images using base64 like this:

            .add("c_fillT_S", "...")
            .add("c_fillT_M", "...")
            .add("c_fillT_L", "...")

We need to embedd those small images, so I am not considering importing external files at this moment. I did some debugging and saw, that loader tries to extract file name and directory from that data-URI and of course it's not working. The app breaks not on assigning these textures to sprites but on rendering the scene. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

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Semi-related question .... do you know of a way to "dump" a file loader (a loader with a list of files) back to a pure-code loader like @Giedrius example (a loader with a list of data uris)?

Almost like a post-project packaging tool to facilitate bundling an entire game to a single file.  I realise this a crime against caching, but single-file is a requirement of some rich media standards.

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for example we are loding this PNG file in base64:


while debugging I noticed that it goes into prepareUrl method which splits the dataURI into two parts:

  1. directory: "image/png;base64,iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAAQAAAAECAMAAACeL25MAAAACVBMVEUAAAD///////"

we used Texture.from("data:image/png;base64,..."); before and it worked fine.


It's strange, but when pasting this dataUri in pixi playground - it works just fine, so the problem is somewhere in my code!

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I found the problem. The problem is that my loader loads textures and calls the callback function to create sprites long after the scene has loaded. And here I face problems - if I am creating a sprite from the loaded texture - I get an "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'x' of undefined" (it does not have defaultAnchor property). I've found out that I need to set empty texture first, like this:

this.item = new Sprite(Texture.EMPTY);
this.addChildAt(this.item, 0);

and then, if I try to set the loaded texture:

this.item.texture = this.settings.textures.c_fillT_S.texture;

It does set the texture, but as a result BatchRenderer elements array has plenty of "null" items and if try to render  that thing - I get the following errors:  

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of null  at BatchRenderer.packGeometry (core.es.js:11542) 

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '_texture' of null at BatchRenderer.flush (core.es.js:11398)

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Hi guys, I couldn't reproduce the problem in simple pixi app scenario. It works like magic in simple case. So the problem is somewhere in my current implementation.

@ivan.popelyshev I pass empty texture, just like I wrote before. Now I see that it has defaultAnchor property, so it's fine.

this.item = new Sprite(Texture.EMPTY);

then I add it to the container and force render - all fine. Then I set the real texture, as base64, loaded with PIXI.loader:

this.item.texture = this.settings.textures.c_fillT_S.texture;
this.item.tint = gray100;

do some tweaking and force render again and it breaks in packGeometry method:

var uvs = element.uvs;  <--- uvs is  null. (element is Sprite)
float32View[index++] = uvs;   <-- Cannot read property 0 of null

That is all I can tell for now, will update once I will find out!

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