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Cardlings, a digital board game

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Hi everyone

I've made a tactical strategy game (single and multipalyer) with the help of some very talented people, including some active users of this forum too.

The game will be availble on Steam from June 5th for Windows, MacOs and Linux. Android and iOS versions will follow. Please check out the Steam page or the game's official site for more info.


The game was made with our own game engine (WADE) which is free to use if you want to make your own games with it.

I'll be writing some blog posts about the development of the game (what went right and what went wrong) as soon as I get a chance.


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I have written a blog post with some details about the development process. You can read it here.

The idea is that in each part I'll cover one thing that went right and one that went wrong. In the first part:

- What went right: client-server architecture

- What went wrong: building on top of prototype code

I hope someone will find it useful

Also, the game is now available on Steam!

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Thanks and yes, it just creates html and JavaScript files for you, but it can export to Android very easily via the editor (it sends the project files to our server that sends you back an APK). For iOS you'd have to do what you normally do with PhoneGap (or similar wrappers).

I've now written another blog post, part 2:

- What went right: AI design

- What went wrong: Getting on Steam too late

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