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I can teach you how to use TypeScript with WebGL and how to write unit tests using Jasmine

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I can teach you using Skype. If you share your screen I can tell you what you need to install and press.

I can show you how to:

  • set breakpoints in VSCode in the project with a few files. We will use AMD and RequireJS
  • bundle your source files to use them in Browser. We will use Browserify and UglifyJS
  • compile Node.js server TypeScript scripts
  • connect your server with client that is written in pure WebGL, Phaser, Pixi.js, Three.js or Babylon.js
  • write Jasmine Specs (Unit Tests) for client and server
  • set breakpoints in Jasmine Specs
  • deploy you TypeScript server and client on Heroku
  • connect your project with GitHub to automation deploying after push

More about unit tests. I use TypeScript. I will give you my boilerplate for Jasmine and I will show you how to set up it.  I will instruct you:

  • How to set breakpoints in TS code in VSCode
  • How to write Mock objects for dependencies that was injected
  • How to build your unit tests in production (in bundle.min.js)

I use AMD-build and RequireJS to debug mode (to set breakpoint in VSCode) and I use CommonJS-build and Browserify/UglifyJS to build unit tests to production

My time rate is $10 per hour.

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NoobTuts Snake 3D in Three.js and TypeScript

I translated a result of the tutorial Unity 2D Snake Tutorial from C# Unity to TypeScript and Three.js

Click to Run

Share your screen in Skype and I will tell you step-by-step from scratch:

  • what you need to do to use Three.js with TypeScript
  • how to use RequireJS to set breakpoints in TypeScript files in VSCode
  • how to compile your TypeScript files to bundle and minify them with Browserify and UglifyJS


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