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[Solved] Exporting Instant Games Do Not Work


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Sorry, I have been trying to export a prototype on the instant game export and it's throwing this error, appreciate any help in the right direction 

Upload error: {"message":"An unknown error occurred","type":"OAuthException","code":1,"error_subcode":1540097,"is_transient":false,"error_user_title":"Bundle Config is Missing","error_user_msg":"You must include a bundle config in your upload. To create a bundle config, please refer to: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/games/instant-games/sdk/bundle-config."

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I downloaded a very old instant games build that Panda2 exported and it did contain fbapp-config. So I believe this file is created on export from Panda2, atleast with the current workflow. Since the export function doesn't work anymore due to the error, there is no zip created when I export to instant games. Let me try to export a zip and manually put the fbapp-config and see whether I can manually upload it to facebook.

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So, answering your question  upload the old (working) game again and see if it succeeds or fails - it fails. I had to modify fbapp-config.json to this and the old prototype works : 

				"example":"Edgar played their move"
		"orientation": "PORTRAIT",
    	"override_web_orientation": "LANDSCAPE",
    	"navigation_menu_version": "NAV_FLOATING"

Now the only way to create a new instant game project with Panda2 is :

  1. Create your new project in Panda2
  2. Add the instantgames plugin
  3. Add plugin to game.main .require 
  4. add the following to game.config 
        instantGames: {
            system: {
                resize: true
  5. Create a bundle folder with app display name (like on facebook without spaces)
    1. Add the above mentioned fbapp-config.json
    2. Copy the media folder of your project to this folder
    3. Add an index.html with
      <!DOCTYPE html>
          <meta charset="utf-8">
          <title>Panda Game</title>
          <script type="text/javascript" src="game.min.js"></script>


    4. Export the project as "Minify" into the bundle folder, this should export the game.min.js
    5. Zip the bundle with same name as the facebook app display name without spaces and upload it

The build should run, ideally. Gonna try out this a couple of times with different prototypes of mine now and will post back if it doesn't work. 

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